Who We Are?

EG Energy Controls provides a complete turn-key energy conservation solution for large corporations. Our extensive product line of energy saving products provides your corporation with a payback of 1 to 3 years ensuring an excellent return on investment. For over 15 years we have provided commercial, industrial, and goverment sectors with high quality products and outstanding support.

Energy Saving Suite

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DemandMiser Demand Controller

The DemandMiser Maximum Demand Controller reduces your demand peak by performing load con- trol or load shedding. The system prevents multiple loads from coming on when a demand peak occurs by using advanced load shedding algorithm. More

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Energy Surviellance System (E.S.S)

The ESS is an advanced energy management system built to monitor up to 17 subloads per module within a facility to better detect energy leaks, provide benchmark reports, bill verification, and be alerted when abnormal energy usage occurs. More

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EnerMiser HVAC Motor Control

The EnerMiser is a complete VSD (Variable Speed Drive) and filter package to reduce the energy consumption on HVAC motors. By slightly reducing the speed of the motor, energy savings of up to 50% can be achieved. More

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VoltMiser Lighting Controller

The patented VoltMiser HID Lighting Controllercan save up to 25% on your energy bill by reducing power to HID lamps without significant lumen loss. The VoltMiser is the only HID light dimmer certified to meet warranty requirements from major lamp and ballast manufacturers. More

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EG Brite Highbay Fixtures

The EGBrite fluorescent highbay fixtures provides 90% light reflection and up to 50% energy savings compared to existing HID light fixtures. EG Brite can replace existing highbay HID fixtures or be used in new construction. More

Services We Offer

  • Innovative Technology
  • Energy Saving Consultation
  • Facility Energy Optimization
  • Experience in turn-key projects

Rebates & Incentives

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You may be elegiable for federal or state incentives & rebates! Find out more from the official government website. More

Solar Energy Production

The SolarBeam Concentrator’s unique tracking system and design has applications in thermal heating & cooling with peak 13kW (44, 340 BTUs) per hour. SolarBeam’s computer-controlled 2-axis tracking system maximizes solar concentration equivalent to 350 suns which means more efficiency throughout the day.

Simply put, the SolarBeam reins strong over all solar hot water systems available on the market.

Payback is 6 years versus 20+ more years on solar flate plate panels or 15 years on evacu- ated tube when used in process heat applica- tions.

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Find out how the solarbeam can work for your facility!

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